DBK “Jugg” Music Video

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Yasiin Bey Concert Recap [Mos Def]

Yasiin Bey better known as Mos Def takes it back with his hip hop classics in chicago. His energy was dope; if you dont believe me watch the recap visual below.

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Put The Guns Down (PSA)

This visual here is a message that needs to be spread in our community. Due to the huge numbers of homicides in Chicago. You can give back in multiple ways; And this PSA is for our youth hears and eyes to understand that its time to unite.

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Da Konnect Commercial

     Had the opportunity to create a commercial for Da Konnect featuring Deeply Rooted07  clothing and models. The concept is a similarity of a drug deal with best connect you will ever have lol. But they have a different kind of deal for you; check it out below.

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Bro The Series: Chapter 1

BRO is a mini web series that about experiences that men overcome in their life time(s).

The audience is taken on a journey through the lives of three friends: Shad, Kafari and Courtney.

Created and Produced by Chicago natives Tatiana Randolph & Helen Gebreselassie.

I am one of the camera man who filmed this chapter. Raw Ruler (Rakim Winfert)

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