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         Real Raww Radio / Podcast is an Chicago internet radio show based on Hip Hop, Hardcore Rap, R&B & Neo Soul music; hosted by Raw Ruler. At the last 30 minutes of the show its a “Rewind Back” with old school music. Raw will Interview guest getting to know them more by teaching the listeners the basics of exposing brands & more. But; at the same time promoting their own brand. Also blazing the airwaves talking about everyday life topics with the latest entertainment news. Even starting the show off with feeding you a positive message called a ” Mind Feeder” . Music artist that visits have to rap, sing or recite spoken word on air which is called #Raww16 .  Everything is explicit from the talk breaks to music; so no worries about clean music. Real Raww Podcast (Season 2) will be back on air september 6th this fall. With new music, location, format & more.










(Season 1)



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We will confirm your interview after a review with our team. You will be notified within 3 days with location , time, date thats when you will send your music. If you do not meet the requirements below your request will be denied.


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