Da Konnect Commercial

     Had the opportunity to create a commercial for Da Konnect featuring Deeply Rooted07  clothing and models. The concept is a similarity of a drug deal with best connect you will ever have lol. But they have a different kind of deal for you; check it out below.

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Peace & Love Foundation (Fathers Day Picnic)

The Peace & Love Foundation gives back to the community by providing food and a good time for the dedicated, devoted fathers.

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Tha Daily Hustle Commercial

Tha Daily Hustle is a Radio show powered by Big Ron; You can catch his show on windycityunderground.com. He will highlight your hustle on air and more. Follow at @tha_daily_hustle to know more visual below (Filmed & Edited by me).

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Jungle City Series Opening

I had the chance to create an intro for a new web series called “Jungle City”. Capturing a few well known areas on the south side and downtown, Including drones shots to spice it up. This series is directed and created by Bobby Kristoph, music by Mos Hiii

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