Taylor Bennett Listening Session

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Jason Mitchell Interview

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Jungle City Series Opening

I had the chance to create an intro for a new web series called “Jungle City”. Capturing a few well known areas on the south side and downtown, Including drones shots to spice it up. This series is directed and created by Bobby Kristoph, music by Mos Hiii

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Sign Of The Times “Lies”

Sign Of The Times Series is based on messages for you guys to think on also a platform where sid speaks for others that doesn’t have a voice. In my opinion I believe he’s a teacher due to his ambition on and off the camera. My favorite episode of Sign Of The Times due to the natural background sound I used to set the tone of the visual. Also the expression /vibe Sidney Berry delivers to  his audience. To stay updated on this web series follow Seven Figz (Sidney Berry) on Facebook at “Sign Of The Times”.


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Bag Language Pop Up Shop


Bag Language Clothing is one of the hottest street apparel on the streets. Brand product is inspired by DoughFromDaGo of Stack Or Starve Approved. The video below is a highlight of their launching celebration; with cameo of many well-known artist & brands such as Chella H, Filthy Rich & Joel Q. If you pay attention to the visual, all details you need to know in it. Visit http://www.shopbaglanguage.com to shop and see the rich texture of the fabrics but with fair prices.

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