Rent Due Comedy Show

This recap visual is a glimpse of great comedians together such as Just Nesh, Toya Turn Up, Darren Fleet, BlameItOnKay & Lalsizahands making history presented by MrStealYourWig (Zoe) & Zana’P. With cameo of Queen Key, Ricky Rampage,.   [Watch & Subscribe]   Advertisements

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Sign Of The Times “Lies”

Sign Of The Times Series is based on messages for you guys to think on also a platform where sid speaks for others that doesn’t have a voice. In my opinion I believe he’s a teacher due to his ambition on and off the camera. My favorite episode of Sign Of The Times due to […]

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Bag Language Pop Up Shop

  Bag Language Clothing is one of the hottest street apparel on the streets. Brand product is inspired by DoughFromDaGo of Stack Or Starve Approved. The video below is a highlight of their launching celebration; with cameo of many well-known artist & brands such as Chella H, Filthy Rich & Joel Q. If you pay […]

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Da Konnect Commercial

     Had the opportunity to create a commercial for Da Konnect featuring Deeply Rooted07  clothing and models. The concept is a similarity of a drug deal with best connect you will ever have lol. But they have a different kind of deal for you; check it out below. [Watch & Subscribe]

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Put The Guns Down (PSA)

This visual here is a message that needs to be spread in our community. Due to the huge numbers of homicides in Chicago. You can give back in multiple ways; And this PSA is for our youth hears and eyes to understand that its time to unite. [Watch & Subscribe]  

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iLLFest 2017 Highlight

  Chicago’s very own iLLANOiZE kicks off another Ill Fest event last friday hosted by Ricky Rampage and Illinois jones with an amazing line up featuring Ty Money, Bekoe, Bianca Shaw, Chanelle Tru, Chimeka, Shawn Wright, Hittz and more. I enjoyed the opportunity to film as media. This footage is also filmed by Smash Cash […]

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